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Aerosol lines, BOV  lines 
Product Fillers
Valve/Pump Inserters 
Crimpers/Vacuum Pumps
Propellant Charging Equipment
Hot Water Baths, Filters & Blow Off
Tippers, Cappers, Marble Droppers, Tube Tapers
Labelers, Checkweighers, Coders, Silkscreeners
Case erecting /packing
Conveyor  & Accumulation Tables
Rotary Turntables, container feeders and Depalletizers, 

Tanks & Process  Equipment

Liquid & Powder Filling Capping Machines
Aerosol Lab Equipment 
Equipment Purchasing & Appraisal
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Who we are:

Beardsworth Group Inc. builds Aerosol Filling Lines. We are known for providing complete, integrated, tuned aerosol filling solutions. We design aerosol lines and subsystems to meet the customer’s need.  We then construct and tune these systems, prepare them for a customer’s visit and Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) prior to shipment. 


We have a team of experienced, dedicated aerosol professionals that prepare, install, commission and provide extensive training for aerosol filling applications.  We have the in-depth “Know How” to make your aerosol filling line project a successful venture.   It is all we do.   All post-sale technical support, service and parts are provided by  our team.


We prepare aerosol lines in speed ranges from 8 Cans Per Minute to over 350 Cans Per Minute.  We welcome a discussion of any specific project you may have. Call 860 283 4014, or email us:


We also sell used aerosol machinery to our customers having the ability to prepare and install these used machines themselves. Use the Yellow CONTENTS Bar on the Left side of each page to find the Used equipment you may be looking for. 


We have Moved! 

As many of you know, BGI had been located in an old multi-story warehouse building in Waterbury, CT for over 20 years.   We are now located in Thomaston Connecticut in a  larger, modern facility.  As a result, we are  now able to assemble complete lines and test run larger and more complex systems to satisfy our customer's needs.  

The town of Thomaston has a long history of manufacturing in the United States, with its industrial roots going back to the 1700's.  The town was re-named from Plymouth Hollow to Thomaston in 1875 to honor the clockmaker Seth Thomas.  His innovations include the early adoption of mass production techniques and  converting the materials used in his clockwork movements from wood to brass.   

The team here at Beardsworth Group, Inc. carries on today with this old New England yankee tradition of innovation and high quality work. 

Please feel free to stop by if in the area.  The door is open and the coffee is always hot. 




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Call, fax, or email for a detailed quotation on the listed equipment. Photos and/or video  available...


BGI is an active buyer for your used aerosol equipment, including bones machines, parts and change parts...



Description of Condition:  Used Machinery,  


For replacement PARTS for Kartridg Pak Rotary machinery, CLICK HERE to visit 

Aerosol Machine Parts Corp.


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