Beardsworth Group, Inc. was founded in 1992, with the intent of providing machinery and mechanical services to the Aerosol industry. Since its founding, BGI has been continuously involved in the building of new and remanufactured aerosol filling machinery.

We are located in Thomaston, CT. The town of Thomaston has a long history of manufacturing in the United States, with its industrial roots going back to the 1700’s. The town was re-named from Plymouth Hollow to Thomaston in 1875 to honor the colonial era clockmaker Seth Thomas whose shop was here in town. His innovations include the early adoption of mass production techniques and converting his clockwork movements from wood to brass.

The team here at Beardsworth Group, Inc. carries on today with this old New England yankee tradition of innovation, craftsmanship and high quality service and support.

Our goal continues to be one of providing high quality, safe, cost effective solutions to customers needing aerosol equipment. Let us know how we can help you.

Please feel free to stop by if you are in the area. Our shop is 90 minutes by car from the New York Airports. The door is open and the coffee is always hot. I am available by phone and email on a daily basis. If you have any questions or concerns, I’d be happy to help you personally.

Testimonials from our happy customers

Here is a list of some of the testimonials we’ve received from happy customers.

Over the last 5 years our company has contracted with Beardsworth Group to design, build and install 2 high speed aerosol production lines. The service provided by Beardsworth Group has been outstanding throughout the design and installation phase, and is still ongoing as I rely on their knowledge and expertise regularly. I would highly recommend Beardsworth Group for your aerosol equipment needs.

Brent Stine
General Manager

Our Beardsworth rotary index BOV Plus machine is a quality piece of equipment that has served us well. Once the machine is adjusted for a particular can size and valve crimp specification, it remains there until you change it to another can size. The quality built into this stainless steel machine almost eliminates maintenance problems. The design of this machine works perfectly for us as a small run production facility. The engineering and technical staff at Beardsworth Group is quick to respond to any issue that arises, and can handle most issues over the phone.

Michael E. Borges
M.B. Industries, Inc.

I’ve been dealing with Beardsworth Group for almost 20 years. Whether it’s a small purchase or a large capital installation, their aerosol knowledge is world-class. I have thrown many “unique” ideas their way and they’ve never backed down from the challenge. Anyone can buy or sell new, but to find a shop that will do custom work or rebuild a dinosaur is a special thing, especially when they do it on time, on budget and with great passion. You cannot go wrong doing business with Doug, Scott and crew.

Dave Harzinski,
Engineering Team Leader
Stoner Inc.

Our first contact with the Beardsworth Group was through its spare parts division – Aerosol Machine Parts in 2005.

In subsequent years after due diligence and deliberation, we were convinced that the Beardsworth Group was the right entity to rely on for our growth plans.

In 2009, we sought their expert advice, for our plant expansion, and finalized our first order with the group.

Since then with their guidance, we are now gradually reaching our objective of having an automated line capable of running at 90 CPM by the third quarter of 2015.

We respect their expertise, competence, reliability, and business ethics. We feel privileged to be associated with the Group, and to witness its growth.

With our best wishes,
Kamal & Sandra Sharma
Omni Products LTD.

I would not purchase remanufactured aerosol equipment from anyone except the Beardsworth Group. They are extremely ethical in the way they do business and they guarantee the equipment. I have also purchased new equipment from them and have been very satisfied. I have been doing business with them for 25 years.

Robert Martin