Beardsworth Group Inc. Builds Aerosol Filling Lines.

We are known for designing, building and installing complete, integrated, tuned aerosol filling machinery solutions.

Our team of experienced, dedicated aerosol professionals prepare, install, and commission aerosol equipment, and provide extensive training. We support our customers around the world with post-sale technical support, on-site service calls and replacement parts.

The scope of a project may range from a developmental aerosol laboratory using the simplest equipment, up to a complete, turnkey high speed aerosol line.

We have the in-depth “know how” to make your aerosol filling line project a successful venture. It is all we do.

We look forward to your call to discuss your project. And if you are in the area, please stop by our factory. Our door is open and the coffee is always hot.

We are here to answer all your questions, everything aerosol.

We offer equipment solutions using continuous motion rotary, index motion and hand operated machinery. We specialize in placing equipment in a line, or portions thereof, that best suit the application at hand.

If you are contemplating filling:

  • Traditional aerosol products
  • Products filled using bag-on-valve (BOV) package technology
  • Liquefied gases
  • Compressed gasses, including oxygen, CO2 and others

…then BGI sells the equipment and the know-how to make your project a success!


We have the technology to make you successful

  • Continuous Motion Rotary Equipment Continuous Motion
    Rotary Equipment
  • Index Motion Equipment Index Motion
  • Bag On Valve Equipment Bag On Valve

Our promise is customer satisfaction. We have built our reputation over the past 30 years in the aerosol industry. The BGI team is here to help you today, and offer support and service for tomorrow.

Doug Beardsworth Picture Doug Beardsworth CEO / President