BGI designs aerosol equipment with safety, reliability, and serviceability as the primary considerations. We see these concepts as interwoven and complementary to each other.

BGI equipment is designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety requirements. Special consideration is paid to the challenging safety environment that is part of the normal work day for most aerosol fillers.

BGI equipment is designed with an understanding that high productivity is required for all machinery to meet the economic demands of the aerosol fillers. Our machinery is extensively tested for reliability and repeatability.

BGI equipment is designed to simplify serviceability. We eliminate use of tools when possible and provide safe and direct access to maintenance points.

Continuous Motion Rotary Equipment

With continuous motion equipment, the aerosol package is always in motion, all operations are done while the package is moving. This continuous motion is what enables the higher production speeds.

BGI provides continuous motion equipment to support aerosol filling at speeds ranging from 50cpm to over 300cpm. Continuous motion rotary equipment is typically used for higher volume and longer production run production applications.

BGI builds continuous motion equipment to fill both traditional aerosol and bag on valve configurations.

Each of the primary aerosol functions of product concentrate filling, valve inserting, crimping and gassing is performed on its own independent machine base. These machine bases are linked together with conveyor.

We offer continuous motion equipment for concentrate filling. We offer both time/gravity and volumetric style concentrate filling machines.

Continuous Motion Product Concentrate Filler

We build continuous motion equipment for valve inserting, crimping, propellant charging, actuator placing and purging.

Continuous Motion Valve Inserter

Continuous Motion Aerosol Ball Dropper

Continuous Motion Crimper

We offer propellant charging machines using both through-the-valve (TTV) and under-the-cup (UTC) charging methods.

Continuous Motion TTV Gasser

Continuous Motion UTC Crimper / Gasser

Index Motion Equipment

With index motion equipment, the aerosol can moves from station to station. The can will stop at each activated station. That station will complete its cycle, then the package will index to the next station.

BGI provides index motion equipment to support aerosol filling at speeds ranging from 15cpm to 120cpm. Index motion equipment is typically used for shorter volume production environments with an emphasis on quicker product changes.

We offer both straight line index and rotary index equipment designed to meet your needs and space requirements.

Straight Line Index Aerosol Machine

Rotary Index Aerosol Machine

Bag on Valve Equipment

BGI provides bag on valve filling (BOV) equipment in semi-automated, continuous and index motion configurations and supports fillings speeds ranging 6cpm to over 120cpm.

Our BOV filling equipment is designed utilizing modern technologies including PLC controls and rotary index motion for positive handling of cans.

Rotary Index BOV Filling Machine

For higher speed and longer production runs, we construct continuous motion BOV equipment.

Continuous Motion 6 Head BOV Crimper / Gasser

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