We construct new puck systems for aerosol lines.

Our continuous motion rotary puck inserter and removing systems are designed to run at up to 220 CPM, while simultaneously providing accumulation and transportation of the empty pucks for efficient line operation.

The puck insertion and removal system is often designed in conjunction with tinplate can conveying systems, allowing customers to run either steel or aluminum cans on the same line with quick changeover capabilities between the two.

We have created can depalletizing and puck systems for customers running both palletized steel aerosol cans as well as bundled aluminum cans on the same line.

Do you need to run a combination of difficult containers on an aerosol line? Are you contemplating the addition of a puck system to your current “steel only” aerosol line? Give BGI a call for a discussion of your needs.

We are here to answer all your questions, everything aerosol.