Used aerosol equipment offers customers the ability to buy a machine from our inventory and place it in service quickly. We offer used machines in two categories:

“Inspect And Repair As Necessary”

Machines sold under the “Inspect and Repair As Necessary” program are cleaned, inspected, and have had service work performed to bring them into good operating condition. We offer high levels of service and advice both before and after the sale with equipment in this category.

Most machines sold in this condition are complete machines removed from service in running order, and have a known history.

“As Is”

Machinery sold in “As Is” condition have the best rate of successful operation when the customer is already familiar with the correct overall aerosol filling techniques in general, and the machines being considered in particular.

We provide a clear, accurate description of any “As Is” machine being considered. We urge customers to inspect the machine carefully before making a purchase decision.

If you are new to the aerosol filling business, then “As Is” machinery is not the best choice for success.

There is no warranty provided, although we offer post-sale support and parts at added cost.

Please select from the categories above – identified in the light blue boxes – to see a portion of our used machine inventory. This list changes frequently.

Contacting us by phone or email is the best way to determine what used equipment is available at any given time.

We are here to answer all your questions, everything aerosol.