The BGI Remanufacturing Process:

Remanufacturing is a process by which we take a worn core machine and fully disassemble it to the bare castings or weldments.

We then clean and confirm the integrity of those castings, make any necessary repairs, and add any mechanical updates to improve performance and/or longevity.

We then begin reassembly, using new parts throughout. All bearings, shafts and any moving or wearing parts are replaced and brought back into new fit tolerances. New seals are installed as the machine is reassembled and tested.

Machine control systems updates are added, and installation of interlocked safety enclosures are all part of the remanufacturing process.

One can expect to uncrate a BGI remanufactured machine and place it directly into service.

All BGI equipment – either new, or remanufactured – carries a one-year guarantee on performance and parts. We then provide service and support for these machines into the future.

A BGI remanufactured machine can be expected to perform as a new machine would. It is effectively a new machine when it comes out of our factory.

Remanufacturing/Exchange process:

Our team can offer a given machine in remanufactured, “ready to run” condition. If you have a similar machine in service now that is similar to what we have in inventory, then we can offer an exchange. This exchange allows us to remove and replace a similar, worn machine with an updated, remanufactured machine and accept your core machine in on trade.

Factory Acceptance Tests:

We conduct a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on all of our machines and systems here in our factory prior to delivery. We encourage you to be present here at our factory to witness your FAT firsthand. However we have conducted FATs by video and Skype for the convenience of our more distant customers.

Line Design and layout:

Our experience allows us to create efficient and effective aerosol line layouts. Part of the finished product is accurate CAD Drawings of the line layout.

Installation and Commissioning:

We offer installation and commissioning service for all lines and systems we sell.  This provides our customers with a “turn-key” line option.


With our experience gathered from the years of working with many different brands of aerosol equipment, BGI brings a high level of skill to bear on training your staff on the correct methods of aerosol filling, operational and safety awareness. We offer on-site training sessions for the operation of many aerosol machines.

We offer targeted training videos to supplement this on-site training. Each video segment demonstrates correct methods of maintenance, assembly and use of tools for a particular portion of a machine. By using this supplemental video library, your staff may then continue to maintain a correct, standardized method of machine maintenance and operation.

Project Management:

Our team has extensive hands-on knowledge of the processes, machinery systems, and safety systems needed to fill aerosol cans. We collaborate well with other specialized vendors and manufacturers on machinery projects.

Line Control Options:

We offer line control systems that allow separate machines to operate smoothly and “in sync” with other nearby machines, and as part of a larger system.

Technical Support:

We offer diagnoses and suggestions to help resolve the technical problems that inevitably occur when filling a new product or propellant. Mechanical issues are another area where we can help. We offer to help resolve these problems over the phone, or with a visit to your factory. Stumped by a problem with a particular aerosol production issue? Give us a call.

At BGI, we not only sell machinery, we provide the training, knowledge and support to run that machinery successfully. Making your aerosol business a success is our goal.