If you need to place an actuator on the top of an aerosol can, there is no better machine than the Haumiller actuator placer. BGI sells Haumiller machines, and has done so for over 24 years.

BGI starts with the rebuilding of selected, used, core machines and adds new Haumiller manufactured actuator tooling changeparts to suit the need. The result is a robust, reliable actuator placing machine for the application.

One of the true elements of genius in the initial design of the Haumiller machine is maintaining the machines ability to be tooled for a different actuator or application at some future time.

BGI has been rebuilding Haumiller actuator placing machines – “tippers” – for over 24 years. BGI has had a long and symbiotic relationship with Haumiller Engineering Company since BGI’s founding in 1991. Doug has been selling either new or rebuilt tippers for the better part of 35+ years, and personally knew the two original founders of Haumiller Engineering back as a young adult.

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