Used Gassers – UTC & TTV

We have a variety of used Propellant Charging machines in inventory at any given time. We offer machines in both Index Motion, and Continuous Motion Rotary designs.

Please take a look through our used Gassing machinery inventory. If you do not see what you need, or you would like to have a used machine prepared for a specific need, then please contact us directly for a discussion of your application.


Used Terco Single Index Propellant Charging Machine

A small single Index starwheel set up with one propellant charger. Cans are fed into the rotary index machine where they are indexed by the starwheel one at a time beneath the propellant charging head.  Can diameters are set for 211/65mm.  A second adapter clam cylinder is fitted to thje adjustable height post, and provision is pre-drilled to accept a second propellant charging station. All air operated.

A single Terco 0-300 cc Propellant charging station is included.



Used Nalbach/Terco Bottom Gasser-Plugger Station   

This station was Removed from a Laboratory/Pilot Aerosol filling machine. Station is designed for charging through the bottom of cans using a pre-inserted rubber plug.  An adjustable Propellant dose between 0-100 cc’s  is metered into the bottom of the can below the piston,  then the plug is seated into position automatically.  The station then recovers to charge the next can.    Complete, Very Good condition


Charging head with plug seating air cylinder.


Reconditioned Andora 4 head Gasser-Shaker Machine, Item  R 25078

Complete operating 4 head gasser shaker for lab or small production needs. Has gassing adapters for Clayton Corporation Whipped cream “tilt-action” valve.  Last in service creating small, custom batches of infused whipped cream product.  Excellent overall condition, and ready to run. Price $9500.

 Charging adapters for valves other than the Clayton Whipped cream aerosol valve may be purchased separately.


Close-up view of the shaking platen and Clayton charging adapters.   The gas used for charging the cans connects to the manifold seen in the top rear of this photo.  Nitrous Oxide last used.


Close-up of foot pedal, which starts the can clamping cycle.


One of two switches to start shaking cycle


Electrical connection for shaker motor


Compressed air connection for can clamping function


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