Used Bag on Valve Machinery

Used Terco LPAV station, Complete R25108

Complete operating Terco LPAV station, with post-mounted head, injector and control circuitry. A table mounted station for either Laboratory or Pilot Plant use.  Station may be fitted to an automatic line.   Very Good overall condition.


Used Pamasol Post-Foaming Shave Gel Pilot Plant.

A pristine Lab/Pilot Plant system for the manufacture post-foaming shave gel aerosol cans.

Pamasol Model 2002-500, AK-5716 BOV crimper and equilibrium gasser station

The first machine in this system is a Pamasol Model AK-5716 BOV crimper and equilibrium gasser station.  Bag assemblies are manually placed within and empty aerosol can.  The can with the loose valve is then crimped into  the empty aerosol can.  This machine uses the  “Under-the-cup” method of crimping, where a charge of nitrogen or compressed air  is shot into the can between the bag and the inner can walls prior to crimping. .  This machine is air operated and is in excellent, nearly new condition.


BOV Crimper/Gasser head


Control panel for BOV Crimper/Gasser

This BOIV crimper/gasser is mounted entirely on a table  fitted with locking casters.

Pamasol Model 5717 Gel Shave Foam blending and Filling System This system  includes the equipment necessary to take Isopentane and a shave gel concentrate, blend these two components together and then pressure fill this blend through the valve stem into the aerosol can.

Crimped and charged BOV cans are presented to this gassing station  by hand where they are filled  with the blended shave gel product.  The blended shave gel product consists of the gel concentrate with a proportionally metered dose of isopentane blended in  as the foaming agent.

The system contains a small metered-dose processing device, which accepts the gel concentrate and the isopentane as two separate incoming streams. The machine then proportionally accepts measured volumes of each  incoming component, and  produces the blended gel/Isopentane mix.  This blended mix is then delivered to the charging head for injection into the can using a positive displacement filling cylinder.  The dose size is selected with an adjustment of the metering cylinder  The dose injected into each can is adjustable over a range of 0-300cc’s

The system creates the blended gel/isobutene concentrate at a rate proportional to the rate of cans being filled.  There is not a significant amount of wasted product or isopentane because the system manufactures the blend on demand, and just prior to that product being filled into the can.

This system is mounted entirely on a table fitted with locking casters.


Component parts of the system include:


Isopentane Pump: An air operated pump which can accepts liquefied isopentane gas from a small cylinder and delivers it at the appropriate pressure.


Gel Concentrate Pump: A second air-operated pump sized appropriately for delivering gel concentrate to the system.

Proportion Pump The percentage of Isopentane to gel is adjustable over a range of 1:4 down to 1:16 and is made by mechanical handwheel machine adjustments. This system is an elegant method by which to produce lab or pilot plant quantities of post foaming shave gel aerosol cans with differing ratios of isopentane/Gel


Porportioning Control Handwheel


Total Dose Control Handwheel


Porportioning Pump Bellcrank


Gel product inlet to proportioning pump


  Static mixer on back of injection head


Through the valve Injection head



Used Terco BOV Crimping / Charging Head          R25107

Complete Terco BOV crimper/charger station. Includes new simplified control logic for station operation. This control system eliminates the OEM purchased air logic circuitry “blocks” which may  be difficult to troubleshoot and diagnose.  Table mounted station may be operated within a lab/pilot plant environment or fitted to an indexing machine for automatic operation.  Sold complete in good running order.



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