Used Tippers, Cappers, and Tube Tapers

We offer Haumiller machines, and have a broad selection of used actuator and can-handling changeparts to prepare the machine the way you need it.

  • Seeking a set of Kosmos actuator changeparts for the Second –Generation Haumiller tipper you are still running?
  • Need a machine core to build your own customized placing machine?

If so, then please give BGI a call to discuss how we can help.

Currently Available Machinery

Used Haumiller Series 3250 Actuator Placer machine

Complete Haumiller actuator placing machine.  This machine has been tooled with a set of changeparts for sorting and placing a 1” aerosol valve without dip tube.

Complete machine in good working condition, as taken from service.

Machine is offered for sale with or without the valve cup changeparts.

Used Beacon Horizontal Extension Tube Taper Machine

Explosion proof horizontal taper, with orienting option. complete as taken from service.

Used Vulkan Actuator R21056 Aerofil Actuator Placing Machine

This is an actuator placing machine designed and dedicated for sorting and placing this Vulkan inverted spray actuator at speeds of up to 200 CPM. Uses Haumiller Engineering feeder bowl, bridge track and race.

Used Terco Actuator Placer

Complete actuator placing machine last in service in an aerosol paint filling operation. Designed to sort and place Aptar/Summit/Newman Green male stem actuators at 60 CPM. 211 can diameter changeparts. Good working condition, as taken from service.

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