Used Aerosol Lines

BGI offers complete aerosol line layout design services. We offer service levels on aerosol equipment ranging from delivery of a single machine up to a full turn-key line delivered with training of your staff, fully ready for production.

We provide new conveyor systems, can feeders, valve inserters, actuator placers, cappers, labelers, checkweighers, case erectors/packers, and all related equipment to provide you with a fully operational aerosol filling plant. Let us know how we can help you.

Currently Available Machinery

30 CPM Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Line

Remanufactured 30 CPM Single Line Single Index Aerosol Filling Line, R19010

Two table machine with a single index drive.   Currently optimized for Paint Filling.

30 CPM Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Line

9’ long filling and crimping table

  • Terco Infeed timing screw, new index chain & drive, with new track and guide rails.
  • Distance between the filling/crimping table and the gassing table is adjustable to suit your line layout drawing. All necessary track, chain and connections are provided for any remote gassing table positioning.
  • JG Marble Dropper station, rebuilt.
  • Manual valve insertion (provision for automatic Valve Inserter option available).
  • Three Terco 0-200 cc Piston Product Filler stations, with Graco filling nozzles. Piston fillers have new hard chrome plated 316 SS pistons. New seals and wear parts throughout.
  • BGI 1” non-vacuum crimper station, remanufactured. (vacuum crimp head is an option).

30 CPM Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Line

5’ long Gassing table

  • Designed for installation within a gassing house.
  • Two 0-300 cc propellant chargers, New Mechanical Charging Valves, Gassing adapters.
  • Remanufactured air operated Single Index drive. All wear parts replaced/refreshed. This Index drive may be converted to double index now or at a later date.
  • Table Pre-drilled to accept 4 more gassing/UTC/LPAV stations.

30 CPM Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Line

General Features

  • Machine is pre-drilled to increase capacity from 30 to 60 CPM.
  • All new pneumatic circuitry installed and color-coded to match service documentation.
  • Service documentation for all stations, Index drive and track.
  • Full parts support for entire machine provided by BGI.
  • Sold with a Factory Acceptance Test run guaranteeing performance.
  • Video of the line may be seen to the right. Please note that this video was taken prior to our finishing the building work of this line.  Some stations were not in place when this video was made. However, the video provides a lot of detail on how the machine works and the level of care we build into all of our systems.

Terco Single Index Pressurized Product Filling Machine

Capable of filling BOV and other barrier containers at speeds of up to 30 CPM. Excellent condition overall. Stations included are:

  1. Valve setter
  2. Vacuum Purging station
  3. 0-300 Pressurized Product Filling station
  4. Vacuum suck back station, with glass collection container

We can offer the installation of a used Terco BOV crimping/charging station to this machine, making it capable of crimping/charging and filling a BOV container.

20 CPM Used Whipped Cream Filling Line

Capable of expansion to 60 CPM, the filling Line consists of:

  1. can infeed turntable unscrambler
  2. conveyor
  3. one rotary Index machine designed to accept cans into the open pockets, fill the concentrate, have the Claton valve manually placed and then crimp that valve in place. The filled and crimped cans then pass down the conveyor. This line will fill can at the rate of 20 CPM as currently configured. Automatic valve insertion can be added.
  4. Gerstung gasser shaker. Accepts filled and crimped cans by conveyor from the Rotary Index Machine. One standard in-line 14 to 17 head unit, set up for 211/65mm cans and speed capability of up to 60 CPM. Adapters for the Clayton tilt action valve at 17 positions.

The production speed of this line was “throttled” to approximately 20 CPM by the single sanitary product filler. The filling table was constructed by BGI, and has the ability to accept up to a total of 6 product filling stations and a total of two crimpers in order to increase the speed of production. The speed upgrade would then enable this filling line to approach the 60 CPM maximum speed of the Gerstung gasser shaker.

We are here to answer all your questions, everything aerosol.