Used Valve Insertion Systems

Used valve insertion systems are in stock. However, please contact BGI for current availability.

Used KP 1” non-magnetic 1”  Aerosol Valve Sorter,  “Pin Sorter”    R25104

 A 48” diameter non-magnetic aerosol valve sorter for sorting aluminum and tinplate aerosol valves.

This is a core machine in good condition. It may be rebuilt by us or others to suit the need. We offer new valve pick-off assemblies,  and all parts to complete this sorter.  We can integrate this sorter with valve insertion machine to meet your needs.



Used PMC 48” magnetic 1” valve sorter

This is a core machine in good condition and can sort valves at speeds up to 120 VPM It may be rebuilt by us or others to suit the need. We offer new valve pick-off assemblies, and all parts to complete this sorter.  We can integrate this sorter with valve insertion machine to meet your needs.



Used Haumiller Series 3200-3250 valve placing changeparts, R25005-1

Complete Haumiller changepart set for sorting and placing a Convenience Products/Clayton Corporation tilt action whipped cream/gel decorating spout. All Stainless Steel construction.  Last used for food product.


This set of changeparts is designed for sorting and placing a Clayton tilt-action 1” aerosol valve without dip tube. This set can be adapted to run the whipped cream topping valve with its slightly larger diameter white plastic spout. Complete changepart set is in good working condition, as taken from service.  Consists of an outside tooled Stainless steel feederbowl with a dedicated vibrator drive, valve track, race, crown, punches, specific hammer head.



Used Terco 6 Head Rotary 20mm Bottle Valve Inserter

Complete valve insertion machine designed for placing 20mm Valves into the neck opening of containers. Machine is in  excellent condition.

We purchased the machine without its matching valve sorter. Separately we are offering either a used PMC or BWI/KP Aerofill 20mm rotary sorter in conjunction with this placer to allow automatic sorting and placing of 20mm bottle valves.  BGI can integrate the sorter and placer in our shop at added cost.



Used Anderson 8 head Finger Pump Placer System    R25109

This system is designed to sort, place and torque finger pumps onto threaded bottles at speeds of 120 BPM. Very Good overall condition.    Last running 8 oz. round bottles

Consists of floor mounted hopper feeder, which delivers bulk finger pump assemblies into the mechanical sorter. Sorted pumps travel down an inclined track into the 8 head rotary placer/Torquer machine.  The pump is then torqued to spec onto each of the bottles in turn.  Finger Pump application Torque is controlled with air clutches fitted to each spindle,  with each clutch having its own individual control.  Machine electrical controls are rated for use in hazardous locations.  This system includes all original  Anderson documentation, drawings and schematics.


View of machine head, with spindles, Chucks, Dip tube funnels, and Container grippers (seen in green).  Please note that this machine stands at a higher elevation than what is seen in this photo.  The legs have been removed for moving and storage.  With the legs in place, the white starwheel is then located at a standard conveyor height of  36” above the floor.


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